“Covid-19 and the Built Environment” paper session at the 2022 RGS-IBG Annual Conference (Newcastle, UK) is confirmed

Website: Royal Geographical Society – Annual International Conference (rgs.org)

Session title: Covid-19 and the Built Environment

Session Abstract and Details: Session (oxfordabstracts.com)

Session organiser(s): Richard Smith

Session chair: Richard Smith

Paper titles, with authors and presenters:

  1. Sentiment Analysis of Urban Places during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Understanding and assessing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people’s sentiments in Amsterdam, based on Twitter dataset and sentiment analysis – Céleste Richard (presenting)
  2. Why skyscrapers after Covid-19? – Richard Smith (presenting)
  3. Covid-19 and the management of Singapore’s public housing: a catalyst for change? – Jingheng Huang (presenting)
  4. Pandemic Landscapes. Fieldnotes from Heathrow Airport – Nicholas Ferguson (presenting)
  5. What the pandemic and its impact on the lives of older people can teach us about age-friendly urban spaces. – Linda Naughton (presenting), Miguel Padeiro, Cláudia Costa, Francisco Cunha

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