Rebuilding Swansea: The painful transformation of our cities, how they will look in a post pandemic future and who they will serve


I was interviewed for this newspaper article a couple of weeks ago. Far more of course could be said about the the future of Swansea city centre ‘after’ the pandemic. This is a very upbeat newspaper article about Swansea’s future. There is no mention of the impact of austerity or the pandemic on the incomes of Swansea’s residents and the consequences of that for the city centre, for example. In my comments I was keen to point to how a key risk to Swansea’s new redevelopment plans is that those plans assume a utility to living in the city centre; but that is a utility that is now less certain because of the pandemic.

New Chinese Translation Available

March (2018)

Translation to Chinese in the journal Governance Studies of:

Smith RG (2014) ‘Beyond the global city concept and the myth of “command and control”‘, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 38 (1) January, 98-115:  .

The Full Chinese Reference (and Full Download) here: 治理研究 超越全球城市治理和_指挥与控制_的迷思_理查德_G_史密斯

Or visit the Governance Studies website to get the paper there.

Next Keynote – Invited Speaker for the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate 12th Annual Luxury Real Estate International Symposium

Speaker for the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate 12th Annual Luxury Real Estate International Symposium:

Dr. Smith’s presentation will focus on the exponential growth our world has seen of global cities in the 21st century, which cities are global leaders in the world today, and which will become global centers of the future. He will identify the networks that make globalization shape both existing global cities and enable new cities to either have a more global role as centres of economic and political power, or an economic specialization within the overall world city network. This talk will pull together the latest thinking, scholarship and reporting on the world’s cities to both identify the leading, established and emerging global cities across the world, and discuss the extent to which that knowledge about global cities explains and predicts the global market in prime luxury residential real estate.