Media Contact

Available for media contact about:

Urban Studies: Global Cities, World Cities, International Financial Centres, Skyscrapers, Impact of Covid-19 on cities

Example: Two interviews in 2021 for Wales Online (Rebuilding Newport and Swansea after Covid-19):

Brexit: London’s role, status, governance, and future as Europe’s premier global city

Economics: The economic specialization of cities in globalization

Globalization: Urban challenges and leadership needs in an interconnected world

Philosophy: Jean Baudrillard, Baudrillard’s philosophy in the contemporary world

Example: Contacted in 2021 by BBC News (Entertainment and Arts) to help explain Baudrillard’s philosophy and position on The Matrix movies ahead of the release of the fourth film – Matrix Resurrections – in late December 2021. Article: The Matrix’s real-world legacy – from red pill incels to conspiracies and deepfakes – BBC News

First 'Matrix 4' Poster Hints At A Preference In Streaming Vs. Theaters  Debate

* Swansea University has a partnership with The Conversation to which I am a contributor.