Surplus Skyscrapers?

Canary Wharf launches flexible office service as work patterns shift | Financial Times

“Citi is moving thousands of staff into 40 Bank Street while it undertakes a £100mn refurbishment of its neighbouring skyscraper, a project partly aimed at improving the building’s green credentials. Moving to a flexible office gives the bank a chance to try out technology and ways of working that it might use in the refurbished offices, and provides opportunities to experiment while the future of work remains so uncertain, said Kathryn Harrison-Thomas, head of Citi’s property services in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. “We’re seeing how people work prior to making some very significant commitments in the main building. If people want to work a couple of days at home and three in the office, that means we don’t need 9,000 desks any more,” she said.”

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