L(ondon) A(fter) B(rexit) Research

London After Brexit



“Everything is becoming realised. One day, society will be fully realised and we will all be outsiders. One day, everything will be culturalised: every object will be ‘an aesthetic object’ and no object will be aesthetic. As the system perfects itself, so it simultaneously integrates and excludes … Europe is being built and will be built, and as this happens everything will enter into dissidence against this European voluntarism. Europe will come to exist as an entity, but England won’t be a part of it, nor will the regions. There is an ever-widening gap between the formal realisation of things, conducted by a caste of technicians, and their real implantation. Reality no longer follows the realisation willed at the top. There is a serious distortion. The triumphalist discourse lives on in a total utopia. It continues to believe in its own universality, when in fact its existence is only self-referential. But since society has all the resources it needs to sustain fictive events, the show could run and run.” (Jean Baudrillard)